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Issabel, the evolution of Elastix

In 2016, Elastix, one of Asterisk’s most popular distributions, was purchased by 3CX. This company is one of the most emerging providers of proprietary VoIP solutions, and, with this decision, it intends to expand its already important presence in the market. However, many of the Elastix fans feared for their survival.
Indeed, 3cx far from incorporating the Elastix technology to its portfolio, what it has done is to stay with the brand only, and assign it to its version of IP PBX for Linux platform. It seems that it has been a maneuver to buy a market.
Luckily, the Elastix user community came to the rescue of the opensource project, as our colleague and friend, Elio Rojano, commented in his article: The asterisk community creates the Issabel project. A group of leaders of the asterisk sector (among which we find Boris Garfias, the Argentine Nicolas Gudiño, or Alfio Muñoz), have created a new fork based on what was version 4.0 of Elastix and has given it a new name: Issabel

New features

The new version of Issabel 4.0, apart from keeping all the functions of Elastix 4.0 (Asterisk with FreePBX, Fax server, Mail Server, instant messaging, recordings, firewall, billing, Call Center, etc.), has added several interesting features, many of them of them related to security – which is the current workhorse of VoIP technology -:
• geolocation of IPs in the firewall,
• fail2ban managed via web,
• possibility to install SSL secure certificates
• A videoconferencing system.
• Others: replacement of Openfire by Prosody as an instant messaging server, and the provision of Zoneminder, an image detection system.
Issabel IP PBX phone system - Back panel

Geolocated IPs in the Firewall

Geolocated IPs in the Firewall

Many of us have suffered the persistent hacker attacks to our IP PBXs. We know that these attacks come mainly from certain countries or continents of the planet. Therefore, in the new version of Issabel, a very interesting functionality has been added to the firewall utility: the possibility of geographically limiting the IPs that can access our system (GeoIP).
We can therefore tell our Issabel not to allow connection attempts from IPs originating from, for example, Africa, or India, or on the contrary, only allowing access from Spain.

Fail2ban: adaptive firewall
Fail2ban is a very interesting Linux utility, because it detects intrusion attempts in our system, and blocks the IP from which the attacks originate.

Infinity 5010 SIP phone
Cisco 8841


Supports up to 200 user extensions, 50 SIP trunk accounts, up to 80 concurrent calls

4 FXO analog lines and 2 FXS analog station Ports:

Power cuts survival ready through FXO internal bridges to FXS ports. 

With this feature, 2 lines and 2 endpoints are going to work despite power loss. 

Issabel GUI Setup Wizard for easy-fast installation  No moving parts, no fan, no noise 

Expandable capacity through external USB Disk or SD Card  External storage module 

LAN & WAN Ports  Factory resets preserve backups

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