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LANs can reduce the number of electronic devices (printers, etc.) and phone lines required in a business. A well-designed structured cabling system can make it easy to connect any available LAN port to any jack in any office or room. All you have to do is decide on your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can plug your network into telephone, cable TV, DSL line or a satellite dish. Other advantages of the flexibility inherent in a structured cabling system will become apparent over the next few years, as Internet appliances and other new product categories are developed.

Need voice and data network jacks for your office?

Do you need:

  • a small to medium office network?
  • an affordable network cabling solution?
  • an aesthetically appealing network cabling solution?
  • to share an Internet connection amongst several computers?
  • both phone and data wiring?

Advantages of Small to Medium Office networks:

  • increased staff productivity
  • easily share files (even the large ones that do not fit onto a disk)
  • Cost savings:
    • share printers (no need to purchase a printer for every computer)
    • software and hardware sharing
    • staff will have more time to do other tasks
  • multiple users can access the Internet at the same time

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Our Structured Cabling Services

We can assist you with meeting you networking requirements. We have highly skilled cabling technicians on staff that can take you and your business from beginning to end with networking your phone and computer systems. We provide Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 cabling solutions.

Areas we specialize in: Office Moves, Small Businesses, Medium Businesses, Large Businesses, Warehouses, Hospitality Industries, Corporate office, Office Expansion, Data Centres, Schools & Colleges, New Buildings, Hospitals, Manufacturing Units, & Retail stores.

Initial Site Survey
The ideal situation is for one of our cabling engineers to be part of your planning process. He is available to discuss your plans before you hit the drawing table and can assess your business needs and make preliminary recommendations.

Planning & Design
Just like where outlets and wiring are installed determine where lights can go in a room, where data and voice cabling is run makes all the difference in your accessibility and convenience to computer systems. When blueprints are created, the electrician designates where outlets will be, the plumber marks where the input and output of water will be – it’s the same for data cabling. Getting data and voice cabling in before walls are finished is critical to cost efficiencies when building, renovating or adding on to office workspaces.

Mishandled cable or cable not installed by a certified technician means headaches for you. Many factors go into the configuration of your hardware and software to enable you to benefit from “plug ‘n’ play” technologies. Our technicians have been trained following stringent installation methods and practices that have been set by the telecommunications wiring industry. This attention to proper methods and procedures ensures that your data cabling has been handled appropriately and is installed to run efficiently & effectively.

The right materials and correct installation practices for today’s leading edge connectivity is an investment not to be taken lightly and can make all the difference in the efficiency of your information systems. Certification means that your network will perform at optimum capacity because cabling industry standards were followed.

 All service calls are billed at the standard rate for each visit. We use only FT6 fire rated plenum wire (Building requirements).

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