Advanced Call Detail Reporting


Are you getting the best from your resources?
Do you want to reduce costs?
Do you want to be able to identify trends?

Cloud SWEET! & Contact SWEET!

Contact SWEET! and Cloud SWEET! give you the tools to manage your customer service center and drive sales growth.


SWEET! Portfolio – Cloud or On-Premise Call Accounting
Designed to help companies optimize their business operations. Both solutions provide comprehensive historical reports for extensions, agents, and groups allowing you to make the necessary changes to improve the service that you provide to your customers.

Cloud SWEET! Get instant access to reports that provide many different options for reporting on extensions and call center groups. This allows you to easily break the information down in ways that allow you to better track your business. No need to worry about networking or infrastructure; DATEL Hosted, DATEL Managed.

Ideal for the informal call center, Contact SWEET! Standard Edition provides valuable insights into your business. Armed with this information you can make positive changes to your business and effortlessly maximize productivity, reduce costs and drive top line growth.

SWEET! Portfolio – Tangible Benefits For Your Business

Increase Productivity
Track agent activity to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency. Use reports to better manage staffing to meet your customer’s needs.

Reduce Costs
Receive automatic alerts for misuse and excessive call durations. Analyze historical reports to better manage costs.

Identify Trends
Text and graphical reports provide comprehensive views into all calling activity – inbound, outbound, and internal. Use this information to be proactive in resolving issues and optimizing business operations.

Complete Customer Service Solution – Premium Level Service

Every interaction that you have with a new or existing customer is vital to the growth of your business. And because accurate knowledge of how your service organizations are performing at any moment is critical to your ability to manage and improve your business, implementing Cloud or Contact Sweet may be one of the most valuable decisions that you can make.

Now you have the capability to make your company the business of choice for your customers.

Highlights – Product Capability Overview

Schedule Reports
Save time by automatically emailing reports daily, weekly,
monthly or on demand.

Drill-Down Capabilities
Get high-level metrics or granular details on all of your extensions, agents and hunt groups and reduce the need for dozens of
separate reports!

Service Levels
Evaluate individual and group performance with service level reporting. Keep your customer service standards high by setting and maintaining company-wide goals.

Beginning to End Details
Get the details on every step of a call from the moment the call comes in to when the customer hangs up the phone, giving you a better understanding of the customer experience.

Call Accounting
Use historical reports to analyze patterns and trends in your calling. Use this information to learn about peak calling times, extension durations, and more.

User Interface – Sample Reports and Forms